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Ted Cruz: Master Snake Oil Salesman

Ted Cruz is taking aim at same sex marriage, as if married gay people really are the cause of mass shootings.

I’d like to point out that, technically, as marriage is defined in the dictionary, Adam and Eve were never married (if one is to leave out words for which “marriage” is a synonym). They didn’t have a legal or formally recognized union in a personal relationship as we define formal or legal.

But, hold up: the legal definition of marriage is not the same as the biblical definition of marriage. What is the biblical definition of marriage?

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Be a Man (or Crying is for Sissies)

I read this article on Facebook about Nick Offerman’s response to the question of men crying, and it nearly brought me to tears. Why? Because it’s nice when a famous man who is often seen as a “man’s man” comes out and just throws a monkey wrench in machismo.

It got me to thinking about the things that move me to tears. There was the last scene in the original Independence Day. The thought of an advanced species coming all the way to earth in spaceships that were larger than most cities losing to humans who can barely avoid an accidental nuclear war stirred something in me that I couldn’t deny, and I had to shed those tears.

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How to be Tone Deaf in 140 Characters or Less

Ladies and gentlemen, what a week. First, the FBI and Democrats try to head off #releasethememo by putting out statements about how damaging it would be to classified sources or some shit. Then the memo is released, and I’m forced to recall all those times I’ve left a woman unsatisfied, and I feel this newfound kinship with women because that release was certainly the performance of a minute-man. Next, all the Republicans decide to say stupid shit, like there’s a barely functioning idiot working in the highest echelons of government passing on vapid talking points to the Repubs via Sean Hannity. Actually, that’s literally what’s happening. We’re not going to talk about any of that, though, because I have an even better WTF moment in store.

You know when you’re listening to somebody speak, and they say something so stupid you can’t help but to punch them in the throat?

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Magical Thinking in the Atheist Community

Do you know what magic feels like?

I’m not speaking of magic tricks, or Magic: the Gathering, or Wiccan magic.

I’m talking about real magic.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
-Stephen King

When I was growing up, my father encouraged reading. It was kind of a thing with me. Every day I was reading books. The books could be educational, religious, young adult, and on and on and on. I read so much that I developed a love for reading. Continue reading Magical Thinking in the Atheist Community

Conservative Christian Host Warns of Jewish Infiltration

Dave Daubenmire, prominent conservative podcaster, is sounding the alarm over the infiltration of Jews into the conservative movement.

Citing one example of Jews infiltrating right wing movements at large, Daubenmire said “I met one named Yeshua bar Josef. Obvious Jew. Obvious Jew. This man came in with some bullshit about ‘loving thy neighbor,’ ‘feeding the poor,’ and ‘healing the sick.’ And of course he expects all of that to be done for free. Fucking socialist Jews are the worst.”

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American Greatness: Losing Face Before the World

You know what’s hard to face as an American? That people from other countries can’t take you seriously. It’s bad enough you only speak one language, so you already seem inferior. People from supposed “shithole” countries, like those in Africa, commonly speak at least two languages, sometimes three or more languages. I think I know only one or two Americans, personally, who are at least bilingual, and they happen to be Nigerian and Senegalese. Continue reading American Greatness: Losing Face Before the World

Naked Sky

When it’s raining, you imagine
the whole world is drowning.

it’s not.

moving along without you, bathing
in the sunlight
beneath a nude, azure


~ryas 2017

#MAGA: 10 Reasons Trump is America’s Greatest President

Picture this: 2016, you’re watching the election coverage, and one thing keeps bouncing around in your head.

We need change!

The people are clamoring for it. The followers of Christ yearn for it. Middle America, for so long ignored and forgotten by the Wall Street and Hollywood elites, the liberal professors looking down on them from their ivory towers, and the Washington deep state failing to deliver on promises while simultaneously taking everything from them and giving it to people who didn’t work for it, is ready for change.

Can you feel it?

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The “I Can’t Even” Post featuring US Ambassador Nikki Haley

So, here’s a thing: Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations (and former governor of South Carolina) admonishes the rest of the world in general (and in particular, the Palestinian Authority) for peddling conspiracy theories…

Hold the fuck up… Doesn’t Alex Jones have a press pass for the White House? Isn’t Donald Trump’s main source of news Fox News, which has recently gone very quiet after it came out that a conspiracy theory they had about secret societies in the FBI was manufactured from a joke sent in a text message? Continue reading The “I Can’t Even” Post featuring US Ambassador Nikki Haley

Your Belly Button is Just Your Old Mouth

One day, you’re sitting there minding your own business when your girlfriend blurts out “Your belly button is just your old mouth.”

Confusion sets in until, finally, she explains to you that, when you were not yet a viable human being, still in your mother’s womb, you used to eat through your belly button.

Your belly button is just your old mouth.  According to Facebook.   And science.