Celebrity in the Age of #MeToo

he video is admittedly creepy, if unsurprising. On the surface, it appears Drake is openly engaging in what I feel we can safely call statutory rape. #metoo #contextmatters

Latino Immigrants: A Scourge on American Sovereignty

Let’s start with a joke. President Trump. Our reality show of a country is ramping up its war on poor people. Stephen Miller—the racist version of Rick and Morty’s Mr. Poopy Butthole and spokesperson for Bosley—is making the media rounds, arguing that our sovereignty is under threat. How? Brown people fucking off the rules. And…

Crucifying Christianity: the Lie of Christian America

A young man was killed last week. 26-year-old John Allen Chau, an American adventurer and Christian Missionary, died in service to his God. In an ill-informed and ill-fated attempt at spreading the Gospel to uncontacted natives of the Sentinel Islands, off the coast of India, Chau was riddled with arrows then buried in the sand….

Adulting II – I Won’t Mourn Stan Lee

I won’t mourn Stan Lee. I’m looking at my bookshelf.  On that shelf, there are fantasy novels.  There is a volume of literary classics allegedly penned by William Shakespeare.  There are a couple of science books (though the majority of those are in my Audible Library). There is also a graphic novel called Watchmen.  That…

Thanksgiving in Trump’s America

The state of politics is a state of decay. The capital, Ignorance. You toil, daily, your hands wrist deep in sewage. The cleanup is nigh impossible. Those you expect to render the stark, devastatingly beautiful truth of reality stop short at paying lip service to the status quo. Rhetorical devices are clichés. “Orwellian” is a…