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Newt Gingrich: “I’m Happy Being Stupid”

This week, failed presidential candidate and serial philanderer Newt Gingrich opined that “Atheist Philosophy” is the greatest threat to Christianity. It’s so great a threat that not even the chance of being blown up by a terrorist or shot to death by a mass shooter compare.

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Ted Cruz: Master Snake Oil Salesman

Ted Cruz is taking aim at same sex marriage, as if married gay people really are the cause of mass shootings.

I’d like to point out that, technically, as marriage is defined in the dictionary, Adam and Eve were never married (if one is to leave out words for which “marriage” is a synonym). They didn’t have a legal or formally recognized union in a personal relationship as we define formal or legal.

But, hold up: the legal definition of marriage is not the same as the biblical definition of marriage. What is the biblical definition of marriage?

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Our Haphazard Oblivion

We are shrapnel.
We are constructed, the controlled ingredients

of our haphazard oblivion,
the wires of burning marionettes,

the discipline of terror. We are embedded
into the sky,

the dazzling apathy

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How to Destroy the World in 140 Characters

You scream into the void

this how it goes:
war, war, war, you

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01 September 2016 – Coke v. Pepsi

We face a choice between two products: Coke and Pepsi.  Both of these products will likely give you diabetes and cause your teeth to rot, but only one of the manufacturers of these products supported SOPA/PIPA (I’m looking at you, Coke).

You’ve a political choice to make this year: Trump or Clinton.  Liar versus liar.

Trump and his team have worked to denigrate blacks while simultaneously courting our votes with what has to be the most vapid and vacuous appeal of any presidential campaign in American history, “What do you have to lose?”; Mexicans, who are apparently the real reason Americans are out of work (it’s because all the ‘illegals’ have taken all the janitorial and landscaping jobs that we so desire) anyone who looks like an uneducated American’s stereotypical vision of a Muslim (including Syrian Christians, Sikhs, non-religious Indians, Arab Christians, and Arab Muslims who really are just minding their own fucking business); women, because Donald Trump was brought into this world by a man, not a woman; homosexuals; protesters of various sorts; other political figures; veterans; and disabled people, and the man is still closing the gap between he and Clinton in the polls.

Trump’s staff consists of liars, in general; at least two representatives of the American equivalent to Greece’s Golden Dawn party (no news on whether they are currently part of this group, called the Council for National Policy); and people who have been either convicted or accused of various kinds of criminal activity (sexual harassment, drug dealing, assault, sexual assault, housing discrimination, etc).  Trump himself has outright scammed students out of thousands of dollars, bankrupted small businesses who did work for him on various projects, and quite possibly molested teenaged girls at fat, rich white man cock-and-drugfests.  That’s on top of advocating for the defeat of ISIS by killing their families, a move reminiscent of how organized crime families and cartels deal with their enemies.  As an aside, apparently Donald Trump has also had dealings with organized crime and cartels.  And for anybody who says that’s a “Trumped-up charge” (because who doesn’t need a pun in their life?) I want to sell you a bridge to heaven.  You’d be a fool to believe this wealthy New Yorker who has run a casino in Atlantic City, NJ, does not have ties to the Mafia.  On top of that, he has dealings with wealthy Russian oligarchs and possibly even state actors.  Just to sweeten the pot a little more, the man has actively encouraged foreign state actors, particularly Russia, to involve themselves in the American electoral process by way of hacking.  He literally did this in a speech broadcast on television.  You need more?  The man has alluded to using nuclear weapons in warfare because, if we are not going to use them, “Why do we have them?”    And not to put too fine a point on my diatribe, but the man also believes climate change is really a hoax, most likely manufactured by scientists whose main aspiration in life is to get a grant so they can do research most Americans could give a fuck about (because we’re stupid).  Last, but not least, it has come out that Trump has been advised in recent weeks by a man who believes the following:

  1. Obama was an ex-CIA (or CIA creation) agent who has been to Mars.
  2. Obama is a Muslim radical in league with a Christian radical black supremacist.
  3. Obama is the antichrist.
  4. Clinton is the antichrist.
  5. Extraterrestrial demons are destroying the world.
  6. That Black Lives Matter is out to destroy families.
  7. That the Illuminati by way of their Reptilian overlords control all of the most powerful families on earth (I think Reptilian may be code for “Jew”).

The man in question is Alex Jones of Infowars “fame.”

Before you think this is a bashfest on Trump because I’m a Hillary Clinton shill, let me be frank by admitting I don’t like Hillary Clinton at all.  I think she got off easy when the FBI decided not to indict her for what were clear violations of the law (the FBI even admitted she was not entirely forthright with them).  It’s obvious she destroyed evidence that may have led to her abdication of her position as the Democratic nominee.  And while the Clinton Foundation is one of the more impressive of the charitable organizations on the planet, that organization has had dealings with state actors that are not necessarily the “ideal” American partners, and is demonstrably involved with “pay to play” political corruption.  Clinton has lied about plenty of things, like that time when she went to Bosnia and was shot at by snipers, little sweet-faced snipers who wanted to give her a hug.  Or all those time she lobbied for the TPP but doesn’t really support the TPP because she hadn’t made a decision about whether or not she should after lobbying for it.  As a black person, I also have no love for her pandering to black people.  It’s so fucking oily, and yet black people eat that shit up as if she gives a single fuck.  Maybe she does, in some abstract rich white lady way that I couldn’t possibly hope to understand, but I ain’t buying what she’s selling.

I didn’t intend to vote because I believe my political abstinence is just as important as my casting a ballot for either nominee…


…if my only “real choices” (because, let’s face it, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have no chance) are an insincere, politically savvy, corrupt, lying establishment candidate who very likely will not live up to the plethora of progressive ideas Bernie Sanders has pushed for the democratic platform; or a scamming, law-breaking, misogynist, racist, homophobic, sociopathic, narcissistic man-child with a savior complex who may very well live up to not only his promises (and those if only to prove he’s not a weakling in the face of his constituents) but his remarkable failure as a businessman, I think I may have to set aside my pride, my disappointment, and my anger at the system, and quite grudgingly cast my ballot for the insincere, savvy, corrupt, lying establishment candidate, because the alternative is much too unwelcome a choice.

In this scenario, Trump is Coke and Clinton is Pepsi.