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The Atheist Who Wasn’t


When you realize all the people in the world matter (not just the ones you identify with).

EA Miller

So here’s a thing: atheists who believe in the supernatural.

First, what do you even call an atheist who holds on to beliefs in anything supernatural?

I know the dictionary definition of an atheist is one who lacks a belief in god or gods.

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#METOO: Mansplaining Sexual Assault vs. Bad Dates

You hear about Aziz Ansari being accused of sexual misconduct? Well, if you haven’t, he was.

The story goes that Ansari and a photographer about his age met at an awards ceremony. They struck up conversation, exchanged numbers, and eventually went out on a date. Well, these kids have dinner, and then they go back to Ansari’s place for a bit of Netflix and chill. Problem is, from woman’s perspective, she wasn’t there to chill. In a phrase, she wasn’t dtf. So the lady, “Grace,” and Ansari begin kissing. Ansari begins feeling her up, as young men are wont to do when a woman is at their apartment engaging in what appears to us to be foreplay.

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