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“We’re Storming the Capitol! It’s a Revolution!

“I wish your mother knew you were going to grow up to be this dumb.  Maybe then she would have seen the wisdom of abortion.”

I Killed Her Son

The roar of battle raged through the dense jungle, gunshots ringing out in rapid fire, the screams of soldiers who were little more than boys dancing about the death knells of exploding mines and mortars. Sweat streamed down my face like I’d just finished a hot shower, the […]

Laughing When People Die

We disappearinto folds of skin sculptedby fast food andairbrushed glamour, our sinthe gluttony of survival. We don’t really survive, anymore; we livehard and long, fellatioticmusic, a whisper of a messon our lips, and we wearour children’s flesh. We cry for the end of things,flailing in the darkat the […]