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Ted Cruz: Master Snake Oil Salesman

Ted Cruz is taking aim at same sex marriage, as if married gay people really are the cause of mass shootings.

I’d like to point out that, technically, as marriage is defined in the dictionary, Adam and Eve were never married (if one is to leave out words for which “marriage” is a synonym). They didn’t have a legal or formally recognized union in a personal relationship as we define formal or legal.

But, hold up: the legal definition of marriage is not the same as the biblical definition of marriage. What is the biblical definition of marriage?

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How to Destroy the World in 140 Characters

You scream into the void

this how it goes:
war, war, war, you

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The Satanic Temple Just Used The Alt-Right’s Own Tactics Against Them

“The State has essentially established a religious indoctrination program intended to push a single ideological viewpoint. The law is intended to punish women who disagree with this opinion. Missouri’s state-mandated informed consent booklets explicitly say that life begins at conception, which is a nonmedical religious viewpoint that many people disagree with. Forcing women to read this information and then wait 72-hours to consider the State’s opinion is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause.”


24 August 2016 – All Lives Matter (or Overly Clad Women)

You know what? I don’t want to get political. Part of my problem with social media is drama. It’s part of why I disconnect from time to time. Because I can’t handle the cesspool of ideas, which gain a following. Outside of writing whatever poetry I write, I really don’t care to engage politically or philosophically these days.

But I’m finding it very challenging to hold my fucking tongue.

On Black Lives Matter: when we say Black Lives Matter, we don’t mean your life doesn’t matter. We mean white people should stop accepting that black people (as well as other minorities) often get killed like dogs in the street by authorities. I know, I know, you want to point out black on black crime, and Mexican on Mexican crime, without even bothering to point out white on white crime and the fact that most people get killed by people whom they know and who live in their communities. Black Lives Matter is not a denial of life, it is an indictment against the status quo. We can all agree that murder is a bad thing, and that murder should be punished. In fact, most cases, we punish murder so hard that we even punish innocent people for murder and could hardly give a fuck that we didn’t actually get the right person, because, somebody has to make sure they look tough on crime so they can stay the DA for a bit, then maybe become a mayor or a judge and follow one of those paths to either the Supreme Court or the Oval Orifice Office.  The fact of the matter is, 86% of violent crimes committed against blacks are committed by other blacks. Incidentally, 76% of crimes committed against whites are committed by other whites. Most, if not all violent crimes committed against people who live in shitty places are committed by other people who live in those same shitty places, regardless of race. Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean I don’t think your life matters. It means, I think your life matters, and I think my fucking life matters, too, and my black skin shouldn’t make a goddamn difference, and I shouldn’t have to convince anyone that my life is just as fucking valuable and that maybe I, as a black person, also deserve to have the benefit of the doubt when a goddamn cop decides to point his fucking gun at me or cuff me and search my car for a goddamn unicorn.

On Women: Maybe I’m missing something, here… Is it me, or does it seem like various societies just really don’t like women? I mean, you’ve the Burkini issue in France, and the Transgender Bathroom issue in the US, and don’t even get me started on the Middle East and Africa. I get it. France has had a slew of terrorist attacks. Instead of winning hearts and minds, though, they decide to attack one of the most vulnerable groups of people on the planet: women. Why is it that we, as fucking men, have to always decide what the fuck a woman is wearing? There was a fucking time when women didn’t have on enough clothes, now they’re being fined for wearing too many garments and literally forced to take their fucking clothes off? And what’s with the bathroom shit in the US (no pun intended)? Seriously, we were so mad about transgenders using the fucking bathroom, yet the laws enacted seem to be hurting women. And once again, a lot of it seems to have to do with what women are fucking wearing. We literally forgive RAPE based on what a woman is wearing. “Oh, you got a little drunk AND you were wearing a fucking miniskirt? Fuck you, you deserved it!” I’d like to highlight that on one hand it’s Christians, on another hand it’s secularists, and on a third hand, it’s Muslims. In fact, most of how women in various countries are treated legally, socially, religiously, and politically, seems to have but one fucking common denominator. Men. Specifically, men with little fucking dicks. Men who cannot stand the thought of women defying them. Whether they’re a cleric, a priest, a hardcore GOP conservative, a fucking democrat who can hardly keep up appearances, a goddamn godless, secularist atheist with a Ph.D, it seems that men generally and genuinely hate women. As a man, I’ve had a very difficult time with terms like “rape culture” and “patriarchy” being bandied about, as if those words in any way embody the truth of society. But you know what I realized?  They do embody the fucking truth of society. We here in America are willing to blast Iran and Saudi Arabia and every other country in the Middle East while simultaneously legislating literal forced fucking rape in goddamn hospitals so that women have babies whose lives aren’t going to matter much after they’re fucking born.  Even Marco Rubio is cool with bringing children into the world who are very clearly going to suffer throughout life because of a disease Governor Rick Scott wanted to pretend wasn’t going to show up in his backyard.  This is what it means to be prolife. Yet, if we gave a flying fuck about life, we wouldn’t let faith healers let their kids die from easily treatable diseases just so they can preserve their belief. We wouldn’t send soldiers to die in an effort to fill the coffers of bankers and arms dealers, or so that we could help preserve the sovereignty of allies who could honestly give a fuck about us (I’m looking at you, government of Saudi Arabia). We wouldn’t cut down all the forests and put lead in the water. We wouldn’t tell poor people to fuck off just because they want a goddamn steak every now and then. I mean, fuck, we have so much fucking steak that we waste most of that shit, and then have to reap the fucking consequences of things like global warming because killing 315 million farting cows every year also leads to excessive amounts of methane polluting the fucking atmosphere. We’d give a damn about the Maldives and other such island nations who are literally disappearing because the sea level is rising. And what about the animals we’re driving to extinction? And some among us would call themselves pro-life? No, most of this pro-life nonsense has nothing to do with giving a damn about a fetus and everything to do with giving too much of a damn what women are doing with their bodies, whether it’s having sex with whom they damn well please or whether it’s being scantily clad, and because some men can’t seem to keep their goddamn dicks from getting hard at the mere sight of a woman, regardless of what she’s wearing, the women have to suffer the consequences.

This is all my long-winded way of saying fuck everything. I’m moving my black ass to Mars.