An Atheist Reviews Creation: Space

Pros: it’s lovely to behold (from a distance), pristine, and offers hours and hours and centuries of shit to learn. It comes with a sense of wonder and, if you’re fortunate enough to visit, you may come back “enlightened”. Cons: while it’s a cool place to visit, if […]

I Watched a Lion Lose His Pride

I watcheda lion crushedbeneath the weightof a burning savanna.I watcheda lion shorn of toothand claw.I watcheda lion fedlike some fat king. I watcheda lion drink memoriesfrom stagnant water.I watcheda lion in his habitat,festooned with trappingsof freedom.I watcheda lion as his roarmet with the cold airof his fallow shade.I […]

America, the Compassionate

I had the good fortune of being born in a Christian nation.  The land of my birth is a noble land, a land of laws and order.  A rich land with more money than one could spend in a thousand lifetimes.  A compassionate land ruled by men of […]

Black Light

I want to calm down.  My belly is on fire; my ribs vibrate with each heartbeat.  My fists hurt, the pain of my rage soaring up the length of my arms.  I take a step back, not because I’m prepared to run, but because I’m prepared to fight.  […]