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Ry Summers is a photographer, sometimes poet, and blogger operating out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  When he is not working his day job as another cog in the wheel of industry, Ry is out photographing people, places, and things, then posting them to his Instagram profile. Ry has been involved (and in love) with photography for over a decade, a passion only surpassed by his need to be a beach bum.  Realizing that Oklahoma is landlocked, Ry has opted to continue pursuing his passion as a photographer and building up his social media presence (because, you know, big brother just doesn’t have enough on him). When not shooting, posting photos, or blogging, Ry can be found being generally awesome, ordering lattes from Starbucks, or yelling at commercials on television he deems don’t make any sense.

Stay Calm and Burn the Flag

Do you remember America?

Some of you may.  Some of you may remember a time before Donald Trump when everything was normal.  You didn’t have the level of vitriol that you have now.  You didn’t have the outright racism being displayed by those who ardently support Trump (we’ll call them Trumpists).  You didn’t have a basket overflowing with deplorables supporting the move to separate immigrant children from their immigrant parents, or the government trying to prevent immigration through any means (including legal means).

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