About the Author

Ryan A. Summers, Ry, Haskell McRobbins, Sahm Ataine King

Ry Summers (also known as Haskell McRobbins) discovered the power of the written word at the budding age of 16 when challenged with a high school poetry writing assignment, which resulted in his magnum opus, The Chains of Mobius. That poem was subsequently destroyed because it was a piece of shit, and since its destruction, it would be another 7 years before he’d, again, take up the pen.

Prolific photographer, poetic blasphemer, hell spawn, author of just two legitimately published works, and opinionated asshole, Ry currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which he considers a temporary setback. When he isn’t blogging or capturing the souls of mankind in black and white, he is plotting the demise of his enemies, concocting new recipes based on virgins’ tears, slaving away for the Man, and generally doing what xennials do best (which is nothing at all).

B and H is the synthesis of random dreams and conscious thoughts about the world, touching on religion, politics, and the general state of decay of the world due to the existence of stupid people.  If you’re sensitive, cannot tolerate profanity, are religious, or generally cannot think for yourself, this is most probably not the blog for you.  Opposition to his ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

Welcome to Black and Hellbound.  If you’re scared, say you’re scared.