About Black & Hellbound

Welcome to Black & Hellbound! How the fuck are you?

Call me Ry! If you landed here by mistake, sorry. Make yourself at home. You’ve come for something totally different than what I’m going to give you, but you may as well stay for the irreverence.

This is my venture to grab life by the genitalia (cock, pussy, take your pick), to blog about my personal life, philosophy, ideas (whether or not they’re lofty and unrealistic), to promote social justice, political discourse, and general shit talk about political figures and celebs we don’t like.

Do you love movies? Do you enjoy a good book? Do you feel like virtually every member of Congress should have the living snot slapped out of them? Then welcome to your new home!

Black & Hellbound: Black Lives Matter, Socialism Saves, and we’re all going to hell! Think responsibly!