Armchair Q&A

Armchair Q&A 001: You mad, bro?

Now & then I peruse Quora reading questions & answers, just for fun. Sometimes I see a question I’m compelled to answer. Like this one where the questioner asks the seemingly innocuous “Why are atheists angry at God if they don’t believe in him?”

The question itself is rage-inducing. Even more rage-inducing is a pastor answering as if they, A BELIEVER, could possibly know the individual atheist’s journey to godlessness, hedonism, and wanton love for all manner of sin & debauchery.

I came to atheism by questioning my theism. I remember the day I firmly rejected God, the day I let go of any guilt for questioning my own faith. I had to learn to embrace the fact that I didn’t believe in God, or any other supernatural concept.

I’m not angy with God because I’m not angry with myself. I’m not angy religion is bullshit. I’m not angry at my mother for passing down her beliefs. IT’S WHAT WE DO! We tell ourselves beautiful, hopeful stories to mute our fear of the unknown chaos of the universe.

I firmly believe that by coming to terms with the fear of darkness, with our fear of death, that we can truly be free of these archaic notions of prime movers and supernatural agency. We begin in darkness, we end in darkness.

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