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The 2nd Plane: Trump’s 9-11

As the voices calling for both Trump’s impeachment and resignation reaches a crescendo, it’s worth noting that President Donald J. Trump shined a light on every single thing that is wrong with America.  From poverty to immigration; from Healthcare to worker protections; from the racist two-tiered justice system to the ambivalence of Americans in general, Donald Trump was successful in that one thing.  And while Trump may go down as the worst president on US history, one can appreciate the fact that this man, for a short time, shook up the establishment enough that maybe they will take notice. 

Trump destroys the Republican party.

After FDR won a third term as president–being arguably the most popular president in US history–Congress amended the Constitution to place term limits on the presidency.  It is again up to Congress to act swiftly and decisively to ensure a travesty like the Trump presidency never happens again.

I first thought impeaching the sitting president [with 10 days left of his presidency] was a waste of time.  But then more learned persons pointed out a thing I didn’t know: impeachment and subsequent conviction in the senate not only carries with it the possibility of jail time, but also relieves the president if his retirement benefits (secret service protection, $1,000,000 per year in travel expenses paid; suspension of lifetime $200,000 pension; and possible barring from holding federal office in the future).

Trump canceled from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

HUZZAH!  Maybe we’ll have our way and have an opportunity to slap the fuck out of that guy.

The latest Trump impeachment news is heartening.  With people involved in the Capitol riots being charged and arrested, and with Republicans showing the exact value of their loyalty–zero value–there is an air of hope.  Even with the looming prospect of additional terrorist attacks and manifest threats to our government, one is of the mind that America’s union remains strong.

Capitol Hill riots in Washington, D.C.

But I want more.  Top Republicans admit Trump committed Impeachable offenses.  Democrats considering impeaching Trump plan to move on this by Monday.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, an American of Austrian birth and descent, hit the nail on the head comparing the Capitol rioters to Nazis. 

Trump is and will remain a danger to democracy, even after he leaves office and as dumb as he has proven himself to be.  Accountability is necessary to restoring our stability.  Every man and woman in Congress, on TV, and in any way involved 8n the political discourse in this country should be brought up on charges for their lies and for their incitement of the violence displayed by fragile white men and women on January the 6th, 2021.

Trump still has pardoning power

Trump must be held accountable for his crimes.  Trump must be punished.  Anything less would be anyi-democratic.

This episode is Trump’s 9-11.  The second plane has hit the second tower. We now have no excuse for not firmly disavowing and prosecuting Trump for his vicious terrorist actions.  And Nazism, white supremacy, and white nationalism must be resoundingly rebuked in no uncertain terms.

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