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Gal Gadot as Cleopatra: Is this Whitewashing History?

I want to speak with you about Liberal dumbfuckery.

As Liberals and Leftists of all degrees, sizes, and shades, we often find ourselves decrying the stupidity and innate fearfulness of those on the Right. We decry sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and whitewashing of history, rightfully so. But let’s be painfully honest with ourselves: sometimes, we’re just as stupid as conservatives.

The latest example of Leftists being stupid is a claim that Gal Gadot’s casting as Cleopatra is whitewashing. Let’s unpack why this is stupid.

Gal Gadot being cast to play Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.
Gal Gadot being cast as Cleopatra


Let’s set aside that the making of a Cleopatra movie seems woefully out of touch for an era when the wealth gap is quite massive, imperialism and colonialism are still active issues, and females are losing control over their own bodies with every passing of overtly religious laws in the West. Let’s set aside the notion that Cleopatra is some icon of feminism instead of the heir of an empire that subjugated brown and black people in Africa. Cleopatra was no more Egyptian than Egyptians were Black.

Was there an empire of Black people who once conquered Egypt and ruled for centuries?

Gal Gadot is set to play as Cleopatra in upcoming Cleopatra film.
Depiction of ancient Egyptian Gods


Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII, who is the Cleopatra commonly depicted as a heroine) was Macedonian Greek, a product of inbreeding that was the resulting behavior of a racist, sexist, and classist people.

The Ptolemaic Empire was no more native to Egypt than whites in the US are native to this continent. She wasn’t even a little bit Egyptian.

History is why this controversy is dumb. It’s our dearth of historical literacy that leads a Leftist to make such historically inaccurate and ill-informed claims of whitewashing.

There is whitewashing happening in schools every day, and yet it’s news that some vocal dumbfucks don’t know their history.

Whitewashing of black history in schools continues to go largely ignored by the media.

I’ll concede there may be some miniscule evidence that Cleopatra’s mother was of African descent, but historically speaking, that isn’t settled, and that flies in the face of what we know of the Macedonian Greek aristocracy and their tendency of inbreeding to cultivate some misguided notion of racial purity.

Priorities, people. Cleopatra’s casting isn’t one. Let’s move the fuck on and get back to protesting important issues, like why Breonna Taylor’s murderers haven’t been brought to justice and why black history in schools is being totally whitewashed and/or ignored.

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