Chuck Says 003: Bleaching Florida

Is it me, or do some people have this strange reverance for bleach?  I mean, when did bleach become something more than a cleaning agent for those of us who can’t manage to keep our white clothing clean while eating dinner?

Enter Mark and Joseph Grenon.  Take a minute to guess where they’re from.

If you said New Jersey, Indiana, or Florida, same difference.

These Florida men are responsible for the deaths of seven people.  In all fairness, the seven dead are just as responsible.

Here’s the thing: if you can’t tell that you’re drinking bleach when you’re drinking bleach, you might just deserve what you get.  In the spirit of compassion, I don’t want to go that far (even though I just did). 

Mark and Joe are both going to prison for selling a fake and fatal coronavirus cure.  The families of those they harmed will have one more thing they have to deal with as they struggle through this crazy year with the rest of us.

But grifters gonna gift. 

Chuck says “Don’t drink bleach.  It will kill you.  On that note, don’t buy cures from fake churches setup just to avoid taxes and regulation.  DO YOUR RESEARCH.”

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