B&H Opinions on Politics and Religion

America, the Compassionate

I had the good fortune of being born in a Christian nation.  The land of my birth is a noble land, a land of laws and order.  A rich land with more money than one could spend in a thousand lifetimes.  A compassionate land ruled by men of faith and the women who stand beside them.

MAGA Megachurch pastor:  secularists, atheists, and infidels have perverted the Constitution.

I live in a beautiful land, vast and pure, a land where the sun shines on even the blackest soul.  This land is a haunting land, the ghosts of rebellions and internal conflict doing their time as the memories of what makes my country great.

My nation is a Christian nation.  This land embodies the spirit of compassion, a lust for benevolence that lends itself to the downtrodden.  Those who yearn for liberty look to my country as a beacon, one that can be seen from even the darkest, dankest prison cells.

This is a nation of merit.  If you have the will to be what you dream, you will be what you dream.  The only thing that stands between you and the American dream is your own drive, your own hunger. 

As with all seemingly perfect things, upon closer inspection, you can see the fractures.  They are miniscule, mind you, reminders best ignored as we move through time intent on pacifying our once savage proclivities.

I had the misfortune of being born in a Christian nation.  The land of my birth is a cowardly land, a land shrouded in a thin veneer of civilization.  A rich land with so much money to waste on billionaire tax cats, but not a cent for the poor.  An inhumane land  ruled by men who are mockeries of their public showings of faith; men who have wives who thoughtlessly betray their sisters.

I live in a desecrated land, vast swathes developed at the expense of the wild things, a land of poisonous waters and carbon-choked air.  This land is a haunting land, the shame of enslavement and numerous genocides filth smeared across the pages of its history.

This land is a Christian nation.  Or so it dreams itself, idealized and mythological exceptionalism beaten into the minds of barely cognizant children.  Those who yearn for liberty find cages or are cast back into the fires from which they escaped.

This is a nation of getting ahead on your name or another’s.  Despite your will you will never live your dreams, because survival doesn’t take a break, and safety is a privilege despite your dearth of choice.

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