Chuck Says 001: Corona Party Death

He looked up at the nurse, a belated clarity giving him strength to speak.  “I think I made a mistake,” he confessed as death took him.  He did what he wanted and he earned his freedom.

Chuck says that if you’re throwing a coronavirus party because you’ve not learned that listening to Deferment Donald is bad for your health, you probably deserve it.

Covid Parties, wear your damn mask, Black & Hellbound

Seriously, how many anti-mask activists, officials, and true patriots have to get this disease and die before people realize that viruses aren’t a joke?  Science should be enough, but it’s not.

It’s really amazing to me how these people can be so afraid of Latino immigrants 2000 miles away to the point they’re brandishing their semiautomatic rifles at anyone who looks even vaguely Latino, but they have absolutely no fear of COVID-19 despite being likelier to die of COVID-19 than from being murdered by a brown person.

Get the Facts

Choose your authorities carefully. The CDC was created for situations like this. They have the expertise. You can bone up on their guidelines or you can risking your life by listening to a half-wit, senile old man who still barely earned his Bachelor’s even with his dad’s influence and his sister doing his homework. I mean, the man couldn’t run a casino, a place where people intentionally throw away money. What would make you think he can manage a crisis?

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