Love Doesn’t Go too Far

I pride myself as being a person that can immediately sour any situation I’m in. You give me a compliment, I’ll give you a reason I don’t deserve that compliment. You express a positive sentiment about the day, I’ll remind you that the universe is bigger than anything you care about. If it’s your birthday, I’ll remind you that you’re a year closer to dying.

I can be a real buzzkill.

I’m a progressive. I tend to lean towards the democrats, with respect to ideology. I live in a red state. My options, unfortunately, are limited.

There is a Republican for whom I have respect and maybe a little admiration. His name is David Holt and he’s the Mayor of Oklahoma City.

This dude was an early leader in helping stop the spread of Coronavirus through the state. Unfortunately, Governor Stitt, the current Governor of Oklahoma, decided to listen to Trump instead. As a result, Coronavirus has been surging in Oklahoma since at least the Tulsa rally held by Trump a couple weeks ago.

David Holt is still leading the way, and he offers a bit of positivity by way of Facebook.

Let’s LOVE each other today, OKC! It’s scientifically proven to work every time.

Simple enough. In no way controversial. And yet, we get the following comment:

Mayor David Holt "Let's LOVE each other today, OKC.  Shared by Black & Hellbound author Ry Summers.

There’s no winning with these people. A positive message gets flushed down the toilet because the commenter can’t bear the fact the Mayor, with whom I assume the commenter aligns politically, used a mask emoji.

This is America.

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