Latino Immigrants: A Scourge on American Sovereignty

Let’s start with a joke.

President Trump.

Our reality show of a country is ramping up its war on poor people. Stephen Miller—the racist version of Rick and Morty’s Mr. Poopy Butthole and spokesperson for Bosley—is making the media rounds, arguing that our sovereignty is under threat. How? Brown people fucking off the rules. And heroin.

Ignoring the vast majority of heroin is produced in the US (and the latest prescription of OxyContin you picked up from the pharmacy will be your gateway to a bad performance in the Midnight Cowboy sequel), and the majority of immigrants following the rules by showing up at recognized ports of entry to request asylum, I think Stephen Miller is right:


Look past the ceding of our rights. Forget about aggressive data collection by massive corporations and intelligence agencies. Don’t talk about how the Republican party twists the laws of our representative democracy to suit their own purposes when they lose elections. The real threat to American sovereignty is not the crushing of the middle class, the constant Trump lies plaguing the media bubble, or the religious Right’s abuse of their own sacred scriptures. The real threat to American sovereignty is a group of brown people.

These brown people, having trekked 2000 miles through desert conditions, are here to make us buy drugs, and those brown people are here to vote illegally for Democrats. Never mind Republicans lose the war of ideas the moment they open their mouths. The threat to a sovereign America comes in a wave of brown faces worn by people hell bent on taking American tomato picking jobs. The vast majority of these people, who are ostensibly Christian by way of Catholicism, are in bed with terrorists. Did you know that, in an average year, Border Patrol allegedly arrests ten known terrorists per day? 3650 terrorists. In the first two years of the Trump presidency, that’s an astounding 7300 known terrorists! A whole fucking division of terrorists! According to Trump.

America has real problems, the majority of which have nothing to do with immigration. No, immigration is the most recent iteration of Hitler’s “The Jews did it!” Before immigration, it was the Muslims. Before them, it was the Blacks. And before them, it was the Irish, the Italians, and everybody from the Eastern Bloc.

America’s problems can’t be written off by blaming powerless people. Powerless people didn’t create the conditions that plague their countries. Powerless people didn’t ask for a life of hell. They’re looking for refuge. And instead of going after the real causes of our problems–like Republicans literally trying to strip healthcare away from millions of Americans–we’re indulging in intellectual laziness, naked hypocrisy, and willful ignorance to find relief from our plague of first world problems.

Our people are pretty fucking dumb. It takes no great leap from why your pay is shit to blaming people who pay you shit wages. No, you leap from “My pay is shit” to “It must be those goddamned undocumented hospitality workers at Mar-a-Lago doing this to me,” with no rational connection between those two points.

America’s problem is dumbasses. Not only that: dumbasses who really believe they’re God’s gift to civilization.

To fix America’s problems, we must start with ourselves. We must start with the ways we’re wrong about reality. We have to question soundbites and rhetoric. We have to realize we’re the problem.

Not that there’s any hope in fessing up to the fault in our stars and stripes. Why should a white man working at GM blame white executives for the plant shutting down? Clearly a dead Hispanic child is to blame.


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