11252018 Xenomorph Tongue

Date: 25 November 2018

Bed Time:  0430hrs CST

Waking: 0635hrs CST


I’m in a dilapidated house.  The skeletal frame of the house is exposed all throughout.  There is a large gray sectional in what passes for the living room.  There’s a television against the wall with a game console and a Karaoke machine.  To my left, there’s a doorway leading to the kitchen.  Upon entering the kitchen, it’s total devastation.  This is no longer really a kitchen.  There’s another door that leads back to the living room.

I return to the living room, and it’s filled with people: my brother, Sway, Charlemagne tha God, a whole host of rappers and artists.  They’re playing video games on some console, some of them freestyling while the gameplay is happening.

I go into the kitchen again.  There’s a Good Guy Doll (Chucky).  It’s staring at me with this menacing glint in its eye.  I pass it and it suddenly attacks me, biting and clawing at my face, my arms.  I throw it off and stomp the shit out of it.  I leave the kitchen again, pass through the living room, see the same cast of characters.  I return to the kitchen.  Chucky is there again.  This time, when he lunges at me, the tongue of one of the Xenomorphs from the Aliens franchise comes out of his mouth and tries to enter mine.  Somehow, I have a sword, so I hack it off, and then again stomp the shit out of Chucky.  This time, when I finish, I stab the doll multiple times.  I hack it to pieces.  I pull out the rest of the Xenomorph tongue and eat it.  It tastes like pork.

I go back into the living room and tell everyone not to go into the kitchen because there are monsters when Chucky comes out and attacks me again.  He’s whole.  How is he whole?  Who the fuck knows.

He has the Xenomorph tongue, again, which attempts to bite me, this time.  I cut it off again, devastate Chucky again, and eat the Xenomorph tongue again, in front of everybody.

There’s raucous applause, and then Sway invites me up to drop a freestyle.  I wake up.

Feeling on waking: utter and absolute confusion.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ouch …I think “the kitchen” is a key. Let’s go back there haha


    1. Ry Summers says:

      Xenomorphs are delicious!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If I were to map your thoughts, I’d need several guilds of cartographers and a bucket or two of badgers.
    Your dreams are a wonder, my friend, I think Odin is pissed at you.
    Much love.


    1. Ry Summers says:

      Ha. My dreams are fun. And Odin can be pissed. I’d be pissed, too, if I was missing an eye and had a couple of mouthy birds for best mates.


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