The Ritual Stupidity of Charlie Jirk

*Disclaimer: Ry Summers is neither a student of philosophy, politics, science, economics, or religion. Any advice or seeming advice derived from this post should be viewed with a healthy amount of skepticism. Please review included sources and, by all means, engage in your own research.

I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift. To hear my girlfriend tell it, I seem to have a fervent, barely concealed dislike and disdain for her and her music. And to be fair, my girlfriend is working with what I’ve actually said, as well as the predictable sighs and muted grumbling whenever my ears have the misfortune of being assaulted by what, to me, is just one more example of music’s decay.

That said, that’s only part of the story.

You see, I do respect Taylor Swift. Sure, I disagree with how she engages with media pirates. I disagree with her stance on how far protections for artists should go. But i respect her. I respect her because she is a force for social good.

Taylor Swift supports various charities as well offering her own money and support directly to her fans. So while I may not enjoy her music, I respect what she does for people.

So when Taylor Swift, a woman, opted to support a Democratic candidate over a Republican woman, her reasoning for doing so came as no surprise.

To me.

Apparently, Charlie Kirk and his Nazi fanboys were caught of guard. Cue the inevitable backlash from men (and some women) whose views on reality are so far removed from reality that they can be said to be operating out of that parallel universe depicted in “The Man in the High Tower.”

Charlie Kirk defending fascism just to make a buck.

It is without reluctance that I say that Charlie Kirk, and those of his ilk, are dumbasses. It’s to the point that it almost seems a right of passage on the right, far right, and alt-right to deny anything remotely real in favor of how they feel. And it’s especially disconcerting when they insist she must shut up but are totally cool with the likes of a Kanye West or a Ted Nugent, both celebrities and men, voicing their opinions when it comes to progressive politics and support for Daddy Trump.

Charlie Kirk isn’t someone who is learned in history, political theory, philosophy, science, or economics, yet he has a following of dedicated reprobates who, instead of working for the betterment of society, are determined to unshackle themselves from the realities of globalism and humanity being one people. These are people who, for mysterious reasons, believe that they deserve power. That power is threatened by people of color, non-Christians (and in some rare cases, non-Jews), the LGBTQ community, liberals, progressives, atheists, celebrities and, most of all, women who have minds of their own.

Charlie Kirk is the fanatics’ fanatic. But it’s even more sinister than that.

Whatever you or I think of Kirk, I don’t believe he actually believes anything that he puts out into the ether. Charlie Kirk is just one more example of the cynical state of the politics of the right. Charlie Kirk, in my opinion, is a man who deliberately stokes the flames of faux controversy for financial ends. His ritual stupidity allows him to profit off the actual stupidity of his followers. And while some may take issue with calling people from the beltway and middle America stupid, I think it’s time we stop playing nice and start painting the world as it is. With this most recent example of the seemingly ironic culture of victimhood on the right, it’s time for liberals and progressives, PoCs, women, and LGBTQs to take off the gloves and start swinging back at these alleged guardians of liberty and free speech, and take back the narrative.


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