The Atheist Who Wasn’t


When you realize all the people in the world matter (not just the ones you identify with).

EA Miller

So here’s a thing: atheists who believe in the supernatural.

First, what do you even call an atheist who holds on to beliefs in anything supernatural?

I know the dictionary definition of an atheist is one who lacks a belief in god or gods.

But some of us atheists take that further and also include everything supernatural and ultimately unfalsifiable. You know, things like unicorns, Santa Claus, angels, demons, werewolves. The clitoris.

So what do you call an atheist who believes in the supernatural? Well, I feel the need to attach a label to something, and the closest one I can find is supernaturalist. I mean, supernaturalism is a thing, counter to naturalism (at least according to Wikipedia). So, can you truly be an atheist if you stick to just the dictionary definition – a lack of belief in god or gods – but still believe Joseph Smith started the LDS Church not because he wanted to get in his maid’s pantaloons, but because the angel Moronai made him do it?


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