Make Me a Sammich (Courtland Sykes for Senate)

Nobody knows who the hell this guy is.  I mean, I am personally reminded of the offspring of Robert Herjavec and a very unfortunate muppet.  Ad hominems aside, the only reason I know about this guy is because he said something stupid on Facebook.  Check out his statement:

Courtland Sykes and Women's Rights
Courtland Sykes’ statement on Women’s Rights

The question he was asked was “Do you support women’s rights?”  Instead of giving a simple yes or no answer, this man decides to opine on feminism and how these feminists are bent on doing things other than having babies and cooking meals for men.

Don’t get me wrong: my girlfriend does most of the cooking.  But if she said “Fuck it, get your own food, you black bastard,” I’d be like “Alright.”  It’s not a big deal.  But I’d like to point out that Mr. Sykes seems to think there aren’t enough women in traditional roles, and that men are somehow suffering the consequences of women who want to do shit that don’t have anything to do with said men dictating what they can and can’t do.

Can I point out the fact that women are very clearly having babies and shit?  I mean, the population keeps increasing, and I’m not sure Courtland has taken this into account.  It’s true what he says: women should be allowed to be traditional.  If a woman wants to stay home and serve as incubator and family chef, more power to her.  But that’s no reason to denigrate the women who don’t fit into that role, or who have no desire to be in that role.

Sykes is a Trump supporter, so I’m not sure how seriously one can take his pronouncements of traditional women’s roles.  I mean, his idol is pretty much a rapist, has been married three times, has children from at least two relationships (I don’t know where Tiffany came from), and his current wife was a model who had an affair with Donald during his second marriage.  I mean, if you’re a Trump supporter, your views on traditional women’s roles should be entertained in much the same way we black folk entertain enslaving white people.

Soon, white people.  Very soon.


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