Botox scandal at Saudi Arabian Camel Beauty Pageant

From Sacred Cow to Sacred Camel

Here’s a thing I didn’t know was a thing: camel beauty pageants.


Ahhhh, Facebook, what the hell would I do without you?

So I’m on a weeklong vacation, and on that vacation, I’ve decided that I’m just going to fuckoff and peruse the newsfeeds of the various social formats to which I’m connected.  I mean, what the hell else should one do on a vacation?  Anyway, I just came across this article:

“Camel beauty pageant kicks out 12 animals for Botox”

Botox scandal at Saudi Arabian Camel Beauty Pageant
bactrian, camel, camelus, bactrianus

Okay, so, setting aside the fact that there’s a camel beauty pageant (which, I guess shouldn’t be all that surprising since dog shows in the West are essentially beauty pageants for dogs), dafuq?  First off, I’m not sure “camel” and “beauty” belong in the same sentence.  Second, as a contestant in a camel beauty pageant, do you really think that botoxing your camel’s lips is going to help the poor beast?

Listen, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m an authority on camel beauty, so I’ll try to refrain from further camelsplaining.  But looking at these animals, which, in my opinion, are the polar opposite of majestic, camel botoxing seems like a lost cause to me.

Maybe I’m wrong.  I mean, I don’t know the criteria by which a camel’s beauty is determined, so ultimately, I am just talking shit, aren’t I?


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