The Quaint Majesty of Looking Up

looking up, love, the cosmos, the universe, stars in the sky, star photography

Photo by Unknown

Consider the twinkling of heavenly bodies:
light traipsing about the atmosphere,

a lullaby in the hearts
of wondering children, subtle and indirect

as breath along the ear, whispering to the soul
nothings sweet as honeysuckle,

warm as aqua vitae
tickling the throat, the quaint majesty

of looking up.
And yet, slight as it is

against the retina, that twinkle
is the fire of a star’s heart reaching

through a distance so vast
and a void so cold it frustrates the intellect

and catches the sigh as this fire but caresses
the faces of the wanderers

with the passion of four and a half billion years
of burning.

That you are the dust of heaven,
that you are the echoes of dead giants…



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