I Watched a Lion Lose His Pride

I watcheda lion crushedbeneath the weightof a burning savanna.I watcheda lion shorn of toothand claw.I watcheda lion fedlike some fat king. I watcheda lion drink memoriesfrom stagnant water.I watcheda lion in his habitat,festooned with trappingsof freedom.I watcheda lion as his roarmet with the cold airof his fallow shade.I […]

I Killed Her Son

The roar of battle raged through the dense jungle, gunshots ringing out in rapid fire, the screams of soldiers who were little more than boys dancing about the death knells of exploding mines and mortars. Sweat streamed down my face like I’d just finished a hot shower, the […]

Laughing When People Die

We disappearinto folds of skin sculptedby fast food andairbrushed glamour, our sinthe gluttony of survival. We don’t really survive, anymore; we livehard and long, fellatioticmusic, a whisper of a messon our lips, and we wearour children’s flesh. We cry for the end of things,flailing in the darkat the […]

9 December 2020: Weariness

Sleep is for the weak. I never feel as if I have enough time. I dread my day job. My shit is falling apart, too. Why do I have to be the one playing therapist? Why do I have to be empathetic? I’ve pissed off my colleagues. My […]

8 December 2020: Fear

This itch keeps irritating parts of my body. I’ve been lashing out at people, having whispered yet animated conversations with my inner enemies. I’m frustrated again. I need to move…. …out of this place..…and out of my head. I feel as if I’m being absorbed into this distinctive […]

A Climate of Change

My hands are oil.A fault runs the lengthof my legs. Itslips. A heatwaveburns my gut andpeople die of stroke. They’re clutching their throats,gasping, a dream of air poisoning that last little bitof happiness.I am the drugof choice.I amthe disease.The air doesn’t come. ~RyasSyx

07 December 2020: Grinding Teeth

I’ve been feeling a little…unnecessary, lately. Useless. Unmotivated. I don’t even feel like working on my blog or working on merch. I’m looking at the world around me, online, in the news, and I’m coming to realize that, if there is a hell, we’re in it. Death almost […]